About Lesson

Private Lessons & Group Lessons 

Japanese, Korean, and English

Private Lessons

Individual lesson with your favorite teacher. Please feel free to ask for a special request- movie or drama scripts, personal assignments or any paperwork.

Group Lessons (2 to 5 members)

Having free-talk, handouts, role-play and lots of exciting materials to share with other students. The number of students depends on the lesson that you can check on schedule. 

group lesson

For more details, check “About Scheduling“.

Trial Lessons

[2,500 yen] Private Lesson  60 mins

[1,250 yen] Group Lesson 60 mins

KORIANA Language Cafe

Please contact us from: 

042-866-4952/ 55gogaku@gmail.com

or send us a message from the website Form.

About Scheduling


LINE – smartphone app – a free message & talk

Available to check upcoming lessons anytime and anywhere with LINE. Book a lesson easily by joining Group LINE “KORIANA Language Cafe” (Please be aware of the due date of cancellation for each lesson.)

Book a lesson


Arrange your lesson with “Scheduling” tool

Create the lesson on your own and share it with the teachers and other members.

Please mention the following things based on your desire: [learning content] [date and time] [number of members (*only in the case of group lesson)]

Invite lesson


Study Theme (Example)

Click the image (study theme) below to see the example of learning content.

Study Theme



About Lesson Fee

Available to purchase from 2 points (¥5,000) at anytime. *the point is valid for 1 year.


2 points = 5,000 yen [including tax]

4 points = 10,000 yen [including tax]

8 points = 20,000 yen [including tax]

12 points = 30,000 yen [including tax]


Group Lesson (60mins) = 1 point (2,500yen)

Private Lesson (60mins) = 2 point (5,000yen)


You can get 1 point (=2,500yen) for free with every 15 points. 

The point(s) will be charged after the lesson. You cannot take a lesson with 0 point.

*Please be aware of the due date of cancellation. If you cancel the lesson after the due, your point(s) will be charged. (group lesson = 1 point, private lesson = 2 points)


Initial Fee

The initial membership fee is 1,000 yen.


Trial Lesson Fee

We will organize your trial lesson based on your desired date and time, and teacher.

60 mins Group Lesson 1,250 yen (Usually 2,500 yen)

60 mins Private Lesson 2,500 yen (Usually 5,000 yen)